Provincial Age Group Records Broken

Nov. 23, 2018

Congratulations, Two records set last Saturday at the Sprint IM Meet in Winnipeg

Girls 11-12                                            
100 Medley      17-Nov-18               Mia West        SEALS   1:08.12
Senior Girls                                           
100 Medley      17-Nov-18               Kelsey Wog      UM      1:00.32

West takes down the previous record last set by an emerging Chantal Vanlandeghem, nearly 3 seconds off the previous 1:11 in 2006.  Emerge away Mia; you’re passing an Olympian then-in-the-making.

Wog 3-peats her hold on the record for this event, improving her previous record from 54 weeks ago, by a second & a third, like it’s an annual event.  Soon under a minute methinks.

E-certificates to come, early next week.

Congratulations all,

John Schwandt

Swim Manitoba Records Chair