2018 Meet Results
Beausejour Grand Prix 2018
SVR Grand Prix 2018
Treherne Grand Prix 2018
Pilot Mound Grand Prix 2018
Winkler Championships 2018
Note: Treherne results are up until the weather stoppage at event 23 Girls 200 Breaststroke.

Individual High Point Results

Girls 8&Under

1st- Greta Loewen (Winkler): 90 Pts

2nd- Anika Dyck (Manitou): 82 Pts

3rd- Rebecca Kagan (Winkler): 62Pts

Boys 8&Under

1st- Khyler Sherington-Voth (Winkler): 142 Pts

2nd- Cohen Gerbrandt (Winker): 102 Pts

Cole Grice (Pilot Mound): 70 Pts

Girls 9-10

1st- Isabel Long (Manitou): 121 Pts

2nd- Ashley Nadeau (Neepawa): 102 Pts

3rd- Alexis Wiebe (Winkler): 90 Pts

Boys 9-10

1st- Hayden Wubbe (Manitou): 117 Pts

2nd- Levi Gerbrandt (Winker): 106 Pts

3rd- Nolan VanMol (Pilot Mound): 95 Pts

Girls 11-12

1st- Andie Boyko (Beausejour): 107 Pts

T2nd- Shayna Bannister (Manitou) and Laura Delichte (Treherne): 93 Pts

Boys 11-12

1st- Jace Zacharias (Winkler): 122 Pts

2nd- Thomas Long (Manitou) 109 Pts

3rd- Cole Wiebe (Winkler): 104 Pts

Girls 13-14

1st- Kaylea Peters (Winkler): 120 Pts

2nd- Emily VanMol (Pilot Mound): 115 Pts

3rd- Brittany Chavarria (Winkler) 103 Pts

Boys 13-14

T1st- Jayden Hanke (Neepawa) and Finn Soltis (Winkler): 108 Pts

3rd- Cole Thiessen (Winkler): 65 Pts

Girls 15&Over

1st- Jenna Mutch (Pilot Mound): 113 Pts

2nd- Ashley Bargenda (Beausejour): 102 Pts

3rd- Avrey Murdey (Manitou): 83 Pts

Boys 15&Over

1st- Jack Penner (Winkler): 108 Pts

2nd- Daniel Kagan (Winkler): 91 Pts

3rd- Alex Turnbull (Pilot Mound): 64 Pts

2018 Combined Team scores 
       1st)  Winkler- 2477 (Large Team Winner)
      2nd) Neepawa- 1189
         3rd) Pilot Mound- 818 (Most Improved Club Winner)
      4th) Manitou -   746
          5th) Beausejour-  729
             6th) Swan Valley- 337 (Small Team Winner)
       7th) Treherne-   271

2017 Meet Results 

Pilot Mound Grand Prix 2017

Manitou Grand Prix 2017

Neepawa Grand Prix 2017

Winkler Grand Prix 2017

Beausejour Grand Prix 2017- Championship