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Swim Manitoba Racing League


1. To promote racing development in a fun and dynamic environment

a. Provide more racing opportunities in less time

2. To emphasize IM based teaching focus towards fundamental technical/racing skills development

a. Technical skills: rhythm, streamlining, timing, kicking, breathing, and streamlined head/body position

b. Racing skills: starts, turns, underwater kicking, race tactics

c. Mental skills: race preparation, deep breathing, focus, and concentration

3. To provide an opportunity for technical, fitness, and race event progression from short to longer events

4. To develop developmental swimmers towards ManSask Championship qualifying


Competition Format

· Swimmers should be entered in 5 events (if able to perform it legally)

o All 4 strokes and 25 underwater kick

o Or 3 strokes, IM event, and 25 underwater kick

· Mixed and senior seeded

· Short Course only racing

· All the 25m and the 75m races will be judged with “Oops” instead of DQ


Competition Events Program

  1. 25m Butterfly

  2. 25m Backstroke               

  3. 50m Breaststroke

  4. 50m Freestyle                  

  5. 25m kick

  6. 25m Breaststroke

  7. 25m Freestyle                  

  8. 50m Butterfly

  9. 50m Backstroke

  10. 100m IM

Competition Events Entry Guidelines

· Coaches should prioritize event entry based on fundamental skills development

· Coaches tools (Bronze, Silver, and Gold Level)


Coaching Guidelines

· No stopwatch allowed at competitions

· Focus on dry land activation warm-up, provide feedback on technical/racing skills, and teach basic mental skills of       


· Work collaboratively with other coaches to help address fundamental skills development

o Compliment coaches for swimmers with great fundamental skills and provies constructive feedback to other     

   coaches with correction ideas

· Short coach education sessions will follow each Racing League (not during COVID time)

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