Newsletter - January 15

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Play More Be More

Sport Manitoba has developed a campaign featuring the benefits of playing multiple sports during developmental years. The “Play More Be More” campaign launched on January 12, 2021, focuses on the benefits young kids experience when they play multiple sports.

Play More Be More is all about helping Manitobans, especially parents of kids aged 6-12, learn about the drawbacks to specializing in one sport at a young age, while also promoting the benefits of multi-sport activities.


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Emergency Support Fund

We are pleased to announce that cheques from the Federal Emergency Support Fund have been distributed to clubs that have applied.


Return to Swimming

Since the start of the pandemic, the Swim Manitoba team has been in constant communication with Sport Manitoba to explore all possible options for a safe return to swimming as quickly as possible.

This Monday, January 11, our technical director sent a letter to all the head coaches to summarize the actions taken since Manitoba moved into the Provincial Health red zone and provided an overview of the information we have for a possible return to swimming.

An informal follow-up took place with MSCA members.  Discussions took place on possible options that may be available to us once return to swimming is permitted by the Health Authorities.

According to the current trend, it is unlikely that a return to swimming will happen before February. In the best scenario, a gradual return to sport (including swimming) could perhaps take place in early February if the number of cases and the 5-day positivity rate drops considerably in the coming weeks.

We do not receive information before the public announcements. As with schools, the city of Winnipeg, other organizations, and sectors, we learn of the provincial health and government decisions at their press conferences. We  will continue to do our best to be prepared for changes when they are announced.