Newsletter - July 9


Return to Swimming

We are happy to see more and more clubs and groups quietly returning to the pool for a gradual return to swimming.


Here are some reminders for a safe return to swimming for everyone.


Review of important points from the return to play protocol:

  • athletes, coaches, and staff are asked to adhere to 2m social distancing

  • wear masks in the facility (exception being for athletes in the pool & shower).

  • Maximum of 5 swimmers per 25m lane, but a maximum of three swimmers at the stop end at all times.

  • Interpretation of PHO 17 confirmed by Sport Manitoba: Since there is no specific mention of a ratio of one coach to 5 athletes in the order, each lane can represent a group of swimmers of 5 and a coach can give instructions to several groups at the same time, as long as there is no interaction between different groups of participants. (which means they cannot change lanes during a practice)

  • Example of this interpretation:

    • What clubs can do: a club has 20 swimmers, the club can divide them into four lanes, five in each, the coach can instruct each group of swimmers in the four lanes.

    • What clubs cannot do: clubs cannot gather 20 swimmers around the whiteboard to explain the practice because each group of five swimmers must be separated by a certain distance and by a delimitation like lane ropes.


Example on how to enter the pool and how to manage swimmers at the wall during training:













Keep distance even when stopping at the end of the lane:

Specific reminder for Pan Am Pool users for July main tank rentals:

  • Access will be granted 10 minutes before the pre-scheduled training time via the front entrance

  • QR Code will be posted on the main entrance doors.

  • Please remember access to the locker rooms is based on a maximum of 10 minutes with physical distancing & mask wearing mandatory


Version 6 of the Swim Manitoba Return to Play protocol is now available on our website:

Pool Both Side July21.jpg
Pool 2 Sides.jpg

Summer Swim

After seeing the 2020 season be completely canceled, we are delighted to see our summer clubs resume their activities.


This season will be different from the previous ones, but even as we are going to replace the traditional competitions with virtual individual and team challenges, we know that it will still be a great season filled with success and above all, a long-awaited return to swimming that will make good fun for all.


Happy season to all clubs and swimmers in the Summer Club Program!


For more information on the summer swim program:


The Jump Start Sport Relief Fund Grant  

Intake 3 applications are open to August 1, 2021, at 11:59 pm ET
Decisions will be issued to applicants the week of August 29, 2021.
The Jumpstart Sport Relief Fund has two funding streams. Qualified organizations may apply for either stream or both within each period, however, the requests must be clearly justified, and funding will be dependent on overall demand.


Operational Support
Assists organizations with operational and administrative costs, including:

  • Rehiring or training of staff or new employees to meet changing needs;

  • Payment of past due/overdue accounts;

  • Organization Development, including fundraising/revenue generation strategies and operational efficiencies; and

  • Equipment procurement, personal protective equipment, and program delivery adaptations (including start-up expenses related to establishing online programming).


A maximum of $15,000 can be requested for Operational Support.
Programming Support
Covers programming support in place of Jumpstart Community Developments Grants and Para Sport Jumpstart Fund. Assists organizations with the costs of delivering sport and recreational programming, including:

  • Program supervisors, instructors, coaches;

  • Facility costs;

  • Equipment costs;

  • Costs incurred to meet return to play guidelines/provincial health protocols/regulations (e.g., PPE, cleaning supplies, individual equipment for participants, etc.); and

  • Transportation costs. 


For more details regarding eligibility and application go to


15 reasons why you should drink more water

Remember during hot days and throughout the summer, DRINK WATER! Drinking water benefits all your body both physically and mentally.

Drink Water.jpg