Newsletter - May 28

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Manitoba Health Orders – May 29

The government of Manitoba released new health orders starting May 29. In these new orders, unfortunately, all indoor and outdoor sport and recreational facilities must remain closed, requiring all swim clubs to remain at a standstill, except for the Olympic athletes as per the order 18(4).

Please stay safe and do your best to follow the health orders so we can get back to the pool very soon.

To view the full public health orders, visit the Government of Manitoba website:


Swim Natation Manitoba AGM

Swim Natation Manitoba will host our AGM virtually on Wednesday, June 23 at 7:00 pm CST.

All details and documents can be found on our website:


Behind the Banners

“As we forge ahead with preparations for Trials, we know that we will miss the energy and the visual of the clubs cheering in the stands.  We want to recognize our entire swimming community and invite all clubs to send their team banners to Trials!  That will allow them all to be part of the event and fill the seats from afar.  We also have a contest thrown in where five randomly chosen banners will get signed by select athletes.”


Alan Raphael
Director, Marketing
Directeur du marketing
Swimming Canada Natation 

For full details, click here: LINK


Get Vaccinated!

Swim Natation Manitoba encourages all our members to sign up for their vaccination as soon as possible. The sooner we all are vaccinated the quicker we can get back to doing the things we like to do.