Newsletter - October 22


Awareness Campaign

We’re happy to see member registrations returning to pre-COVID numbers this season. Good news for our clubs and our sport!

As you know, Swim Natation Manitoba launched an Awareness Campaign Let’s Go Swimming! across the province in early September. The objectives of the campaign are:

1. To present competitive swimming as a fun, dynamic, inclusive, multifaceted sport for life, an individual sport within a team environment

2. To promote swimming as a life skill for all- everyone should know how to swim, the ability to swim saves lives

3. To educate on the role of SNM and that Manitoba swim clubs provide programs for all ages, and skill levels, delivered by certified swim coaches in a safe and friendly environment

4. To identify where/how to find a swim club

The campaign is primarily delivered through a variety of social media channels which directs individuals to a landing page and our website. Anyone requesting more information is answered by email.

So far, we are encouraged by the initial data from social media activity, and the number of responses to the program. The campaign will run for another few weeks. We plan to provide club presidents with a summary of the results at the conclusion of the campaign.


First Swim Meet of the 2021-22 Season

At the start of the new season, we are happy to have the first scheduled competition since March 2020.  The COVID-19 protocols have been put in place at the meet to provide a safer event for all participants, coaches, officials, and volunteers. However, this adds a lot of extra work for the hosting club. A big thank you to the St James Seals for organizing the meet. We hope everyone will have fun and enjoy it!

Swim Meet COVID-19 Protocols

With the return to competition, it was important to work on consistent protocols for the upcoming competitions. We have worked with the Manitoba Swimming Official Association (MSOA) to develop safety protocols for all participants (swimmers, coaches, volunteers, and officials).

The COVID-19 safety protocols will be reviewed and updated as the public health orders evolve, and as we learn from each competitive experience.

The protocols as well as the best practices for officials are available on our website:


Coaches Conference

The coaches' conference on October 15-16-17 was a success and the discussions were very interesting.

Thanks to the technology, we have been able to deliver the conference in person and online without any hitches!


Swimming 101

The Swimming 101 course offered by Swim Manitoba on October 30-31 and November 6-7 has reached its full capacity. If some coaches need to take the course, they can look at the other options offered by other provinces online in the Swimming Canada course list:


Junior and Senior Team

The junior and senior teams benefited from a training camp on October 16-17. It was great to see the swimmers in action again at a provincial team activity!