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2024 Summer Swim Program Coordinator 


Summer Swim Spirit Award

The Club/Team who demonstrates a consistent level of  sportspersonship via True Sport Principles during the event season will be recognized through the presentation of the Club Spirit Award at the final Championships! 


Areas of emphasis over the Summer Swim Events are:

  • Showing gratitude and saying thanks!

  • Inclusive and welcoming!

  • Keeping the focus on having fun!

  • Find the joy in sport and share it with others!

  • Go For It - Swimmers rise to the challenge to strive for excellence!

  • Team members are encouraging and positive to all swimmers pursuing their best!

  • Demonstrating respect for others involved in creating your sporting experience.

Each week there will be a theme that clubs can participate in, the winners of each week will get a point and the team with the most points at the end of the season will be the spirit award winner. 


Week 1, July 16th -   Best Team Cheer - Loud and energetic, make it your own!


Week 2, July 23rd - Best Posters - Make team posters, fun and bright, tie in true sport principles!


Week 3, July 29th - Dress like a team - Same shirts, colour, or coordinate outfits, however dressing like a team looks for you - creativity is encouraged! Keep that spirit alive over the summer events for extra points!


Week 4, August 13th - Go for it - True Sport Award - Each team will be asked to choose a swimmer who has shown the “Go for it” spirit to win an award!


Team Points awarded for constantly demonstrating a culture of gratitude and positivity over 4 weeks. 

Be sure to include your team photos on Social Media 

In the case of a rained out event a photo challenge will be posted on our Social Media.

Please direct any questions to



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