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Board of Directors

2023-2024 Swim Natation Manitoba Board of Directors

President - Matthew Reimer

Treasurer - Bryan Miller

Secretary - Danielle Kerr

Director - Janice Kostelnyk

Director - Nick Noonan

Director - OPEN

Director - OPEN

Swim Natation Manitoba Committees

Advancement Committee

Reporting to the Swim-Natation Manitoba (SNM) Board of Directors (Board), the Advancement Committee (AC) has oversight regarding all marketing, fund-raising, communication, promotional, branding, and advocacy matters. The Advancement Committee’s primary task is to look for new opportunities to ensure SNM programming remains financially viable. 


Chair: Janice Kostelnyk

Competition Hosting Committee

The Competition Hosting Committee (CHC) is directly responsible for the financial and logistical organization and operation of any Swim Natation Manitoba (SNM) Championship meet hosted by SNM. The CHC will also partner with Swimming Canada staff to organize, manage and operate any Swimming Canada Championship or other SNC designated meet hosted by SNM.  



Executive Committee


The Executive Committee has oversight regarding the operation of the Swim-Natation Manitoba (SNM) Board of Directors (Board). The Executive Committee is responsible for nominations and succession planning. In addition, guided by the strategic plan, the Executive Committee advises the Executive Director on matters that fall outside of normal operational procedures or written policy.


Finance and Audit Committee

The Finance and Audit Committee is a committee of the Board of the Organization. It is responsible for oversight related to corporate auditing and report, financial policies and strategies, and financial risk management.

Chair: Bryan Miller

Governance Committee

Reporting to the Swim-Natation Manitoba (SNM) Board, the Governance Committee is responsible for bylaws, policies, and their interpretation and operational application. The Governance Committee advises the SNM Board of Directors (the Board) and the Executive Director on bylaws and policy, additionally reviewing and writing them as needed. The Governance Committee will work with all other SNM committees and SNM stakeholders to develop terms of reference, policy, and when needed, bylaws. This committee also has a key responsibility in matters of dispute resolution within SNM.

Chair: Nick Noonan 


Sport Committee

Reporting to the Swim-Natation Manitoba (SNM) Board of Directors (Board), the Sport Committee has oversight regarding all technical and operational sport performance matters. The Sport Committee’s primary task is to ensure all current and established rules, bylaws, best practices, and policies are followed by the coaches, athletes, officials, and member clubs. The Sport Committee’s secondary task is to help develop programming consistent with the goals for athlete performance and skill-centered people development as outlined in the SNM strategic plan.

Chair:           Appointee: 

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