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Update May 12, 2021:

The government of Manitoba released new health orders on May 8 (updated on May 12). In these new orders, unfortunately, all indoor sport and recreational facilities must close, implying that all swim clubs cease their activities on May 7th.

14(1) Except as permitted under Order 16, all indoor sporting facilities, including swimming pools, must be closed while these Orders are in effect.

Under the update of May 12, we were able to gain approval from Provincial Health to reinstate the exemption for the potential Olympic athletes.

16(3) Athletes that have been identified as potential competitors at the summer or winter Olympics or Paralympic Games by a national sports organization that is either funded by Sport Canada or recognized by the Canadian Olympic Committee or the Canadian Paralympic Committee may train at indoor sporting facilities in accordance with subsection (4).

16(4) An athlete referred to in subsection (3) may train at indoor sporting facilities specified by Sport Manitoba if they comply with all requirements and protocols established by Sport Manitoba. The only persons permitted to enter an indoor sporting facility during such training are the athlete and those coaches and support personnel authorized by Sport Manitoba as well as staff required to operate the facility.

For outdoor training, the interpretation we received from Provincial Health via Sport Manitoba, is clubs can train outdoors in groups of 5 (coaches included) but no organized competitions or team games.

13(3) Persons may engage in any type of outdoor sporting or recreational activity but they must not engage in an activity as part of a group of more than 5 persons.

13(4) No organized team games are permitted at an outdoor sporting facility.

13(5) All persons engaged in an outdoor sporting or recreational activity must maintain a separation of at least two metres from other participants.

13(6) No spectators are permitted at an outdoor sporting facility.

Unfortunately, outdoor pools must also resume close under these orders:

13(2) Outdoor pools, splash pads and wading pools must be closed while these Orders are in effect.

To view the full public health orders, visit the Government of Manitoba website:


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